The time has come.. announce that the release of “Nine and Fifty Swans” will happen this autumn, through my own label FairyMusic. As some of you already know, the CD will contain 10 songs based upon  the lyrics of W.B.Yeats. The cover artwork will have an Irish touch to it, with images from places relevant to Yeats’ life and work. The CD will be available through the web shop to- come on this site,  from October 2011.

There will also be a re release of my previous record “A Dance with the Shadows”, which has been out of stock for several years. It will contain two bonus tracks, new cover and even a new name,  “Tales from Tranquil August Gardens”. The reasons for this change are several, but the most important one is a longing to get back to the original idea of the visual expression of  this album. Time of release will also be this autumn.