I love baroque music

And this summer I had the pleasure of experiencing two very beautiful baroque performances. The first one was Henry Purcell’s “The Fairy Queen”, a libretto written in 1692 based upon W. Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It was performed in the most wonderful garden theater at Ramme Gård in Hvitsten. The scenery changed place more than once, and the audience was guided and lured around by a flock of dancing fairies to the appropriate stages. And then there was music! And how beautiful was the sound of original baroque instruments outdoors, in combination with the spacy, elvish sound landscape coming from different amplifiers in the garden. This was certainly taking place on a midsummer night, with warm breeze blowing through the trees and mixing into the sounds of the play, under a quite light evening sky that you only see at this time of year. But whether it was all a dream or not, I am still not quite sure.


The second experience was in the beautiful baroque church of Sts. Peter and Paul in the city of Krakow. I don’t know if this baroque architecture was somehow made in order to reflect the sounds of that time, but I have never heard the acoustics of baroque instruments being reflected so well before. It gave a very soft, but still clear sound. Like a mix of velvet and diamonds.