Autumn Whispers and Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the day! Autumn Whispers releases the album “Cry of Dereliction” and we will all be surrounded with pink hearts. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video presentation of the album!

The illustrations are made by  Kjersti Kaasen Elvevold, and reflect the contents of each song. I can reveal that the CD cover itself has turned out quite sweet, with a 24 paged booklet and a three folded paper digipack cover. Something to dwell in while you listen through the album. I especially like the image for The Dreamer, a song dedicated to Michael Piper, our friend that passed away in 2008. I like to think that this is the way he will be welcomed, wherever he might be going. The other images are equally deep, sometimes telling a hidden meaning in the song. For instance, what is Sokrates’ beard doing in the song Julia? 😉

Musicians participating are:

Dino Steffens: Acoustic guitar, vocals; Tirill Mohn: Violin, vocals, percussion, nylon string guitar;Liew Ceng Teng: Keyboards; Theodoros Kouelis: Bass guitar, contrabass; Nils Einar Vinjor: Electric guitar; Nick Jones: Drums; Vangelis Kalamaras: Drums; Aleksander Koefoed: Bass guitar; Sigrun Eng: Cello.

The album is available for preorder at