Vidda one of the most spectacular bands I know. I had the pleasure of experiencing them live at their reunion gig in June. The band was formed in 1996, with the particular goal of NOT reaching any audience.  As a consequence of failing this unusual task  -says the band-  they broke up a few years later. Apparently, on this beautiful evening of summer solstice, they hadn’t played live in 14 years, so the expectations were high amongst the midsummer dressed audience. They were to perform the «Evinnelige Viddas Vidunderlighet:  1st & 2nd movement″, the beginning of a composition that will be continued for the rest of their career.

I am not going to describe the evening here, since I find it impossible, and even unfair to the actual event if I should try to do so. But I can reveal that the band guided us to the most extraordinary and hidden corners of our minds – musically and visually – and left us relieved and new afterwards. Just as a true Catharsis ought to do. If you want, you can follow them on Facebook, or dare to have a closer look and listen! Best thing is to show up on their shows.