“Um himinjǫður” – CD

Um himinjǫður is Tirill’s 3rd album, and like the previous releases the music exists in a vivid, acoustic soundscape with harmonious cello and mellotron arrangements, beguiling electric guitars, dynamic percussion and enchanting vocal harmonies.
The elements stretch from Norse Mythology through Mediterranean instrumentation, to a universal sound picture with a core of Nordic melancholy – all in a delicate mix of folk, progrock and ambient music.

3-folds digipack with a 20 pages booklet with images for each song.

Said the Sun to the Moon – CD

Tirill’s 4 th solo album Said the Sun to the Moon is dedicated to the shift of the seasons, to the beauty of nature in all its phases and changes, and to the human heart that wanders along with it, moon
after moon, lifetime after lifetime. A special dedication to Rudolf Steiner and his poetic recognition of the relationship between nature and the human spirit through his Calendar of the Soul, illuminated by Owen Barfield’s translations.

“Nine and Fifty Swans” – CD

10 songs with lyrics by the Irish poet  W.B.Yeats. The music is atmospheric, melodic, folksy and intimate – dressing the lyrics of Yeats in a cloak of wonder and mystery. Feminine as Emiliana Torrini,  melancholic as Nick Drake – with a touch of Irish folk.

This is a two-folds digipack of recycled paper; with 8 pages booklet with Yeats and Ireland related artwork.

“Tales from Tranquil August Gardens” – cd

Re-release of  “A Dance with the Shadows”.  New cover artwork, new name!

The music is nature-ish, baroque, dramatic, calm and acoustic with folk and progressive elements.

CD: Two-folds digipack of recycled paper. 8 pages booklet with nature images and lyrics. Containing 3 bonus tracks in addition to the original tracks.