Three Love Songs and a Swan Song

– Chamber music to the poetry of W. B. Yeats” will be performed at Asker Litteraturfestival on October 28th 2021.
10 years have passed since the release of “Nine and Fifty Swans – Music to the poetry of W. B. Yeats” – and this project is a small celebration, with a selection rearranged for the ensemble soprano (Amadea Reksterberg), cello (Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes) and classical guitar (Ole Martin Huser-Olsen).

Dear folks!

Welcome to my new web pages! A huge thanks to Trond Thorbjørnsen for creating them!

I hope to see you here from time to time; the diary will be kept posted with small or big news from my musical corner of the world…

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It was Blue – video

[google 8764611300493897431 It was Blue – short version]

Recorded in Greece, an early spring morning in 2003.

Idea and scenography: Tirill

Camera and cutting: Kaia Hugin

Redigating: Kostas Stefanopoulos