Friday 9th we’ll be playing at Sjur Odden Skjeldal’s vernissage. It will be a  short performance together with other musicians and artists. Doors open at 7 pm. at Perla Mediterranea, Bjerregaardsgt.1, Oslo.

Folk – fra Ås

There will be a singer songwriter evening at Ås Kulturhus, with 6 bands and artists performing their songs. We will participate with a small set of 4 songs from the Yeats album, with cello, flute, guitar and vocals.
The doors open at 19.30
Entrance fee 50,-


Yesterday we had our first little showcase at the local library, playing four songs from “Nine and Fifty Swans”. The setting was intimate, with a clear, low-key sound engineering to set the right mood. We played The Fisherman, Before the World was Made, Parting and To a Child Dancing in the Wind with the instrumentation of flute, cello, guitars and two vocals.

Christian, Oda, Nana, Per, Guy

En unik familieutstilling med bilder av Christian, Oda, Nana, Per, og Guy Krohg.
Telemarksgalleriet, 26. april – 20. juli 2008
Åpning lørdag 26. april kl. 13.00
Musikk av Per Lasson, arr. Tirill Mohn. Fremføres av Ylva Sjaastad (vokal), Tirill Mohn (gitar/vokal) og Sigrun Eng (cello).
Sossen Krohg leser fra sin bok
Frode Krohg forteller om familien Krohg
Åpningstale ved Toralv Maurstad
Billett 100,- / 80,-