Said the Sun to the Moon

Tirill’s 4th solo album Said the Sun to the Moon is dedicated to the
shift of the seasons, to the beauty of nature in all its phases and
changes, and to the human heart that wanders along with it, moon after moon, lifetime after lifetime. A dedication is also given to Rudolf Steiner and his poetic recognition of the relationship between nature and the human spirit through his Calendar of the Soul – The Year Participated, illuminated by Owen Barfield’s translations.
The album contains of 12 tracks, beginning at the subtle transformations of early autumn and ending within the sunny horizons of late summer. The music is performed solely by stringed instruments and voices, lending a fragile, organic atmosphere to this new chapter in Tirill’s discography.

Um himinjǫður

Um himinjǫður vinyl

Um himinjǫður is Tirill’s 3rd album, and like the previous releases the music exists in a vivid, acoustic soundscape with harmonious cello and mellotron arrangements, beguiling electric guitars, dynamic percussion and enchanting vocal harmonies. The elements stretch from Norse Mythology through Mediterranean instrumentation, to a universal sound picture with a core of Nordic melancholy – all in a delicate mix of folk, progressive and ambient music.

Released November 30th 2013 on CD and VINYL

Nine and Fifty Swans

Nine and Fifty Swans

W.B. Yeats’ poems are rooted in place and time but they sigh for eternity. The music on this cd, as warm and palpable as it is ethereal and evocative, complements them superbly.  Unearthly and delicate, sensuous and vulnerable, Tirill’s voice glimmers on the margin between world and otherworld, as haunting and seductive to the ear as the sight of the girl he pursued forever after was to the eye of Wandering Aengus. It is a voice that calls us as if by name and brings almost within reach the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun. – Patrick Crotty

Released October 2011 on CD. Released November 30th 2013 on VINYL.

Tales from Tranquil August Gardens

Tales from Tranquil August Gardens

… is a silent album, yet it’s so intense that you can close your eyes and easily imagine the artist sitting next to you – maybe at a hidden place in the August Gardens – and playing her breathtakingly beautiful songs. The first eight tunes undoubtedly embody the sound of “Norwegian melancholy”. All songs are created with deep love and with seldom carefulness, thus it makes little sense to explain that Tirill plays some kind of easeful folk music if you don’t add how she and her gorgeously talented guest musicians present her songs. It’s indeed shadowy music, but in those shadows the listener’s imagination might travel upon so far unknown pathways well worth to discover. I lack the right words to describe the much more than fascinating character of her music, yet I can only give you the advice to accept Tirill’s invitation for this intimate meeting…- Thor Wanzek

Released October 2011 on CD and VINYL.

A Dance with the Shadows

A Dance with the Shadows (The Wild Places) has received wonderful reviews in many countries since it’s release in December 2003. This fifty minutes long CD, which also includes a video clip, consists of calm, but dynamic music dedicated to nature, longing and love.

This CD is now out of production, but is being re-released under the new title “Tales from Tranquil August Gardens” , as shown above. As well as containing the original tracks, there will be three bonus tracks on this release.

Released December 2003 on CD.