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The recording studio where “A Dance with the Shadows” were recorded. It is located in the center of Oslo, at two top floors in a wonderful old style city building. It’s elevator is one of the oldest in Oslo, and is quite unique. We usually use the stairs.

Cutting Room is the place to master your CD! Located near Stockholm, Sweden.

FairyMusic’s cousin in Germany, Trollmusic, is a label well worth checking out…releases atmospheric, dark, moody and nature’ish music with sincerity, depth and spirit!

Read more about the wonderfully revealed  Sounds under the Surface

Stephen Lambe, who runs Sonicbond, is a music reviewer, interviewer and article writer Tirill had the pleasure to meet in an interview for Musical Discoveries here in Norway in 2004! He is also responsible for the Summers End Festival in England.

Yeats Society
is inevitable for everyone who has a crush on W.B Yeats! The summer school is fantastic! Key words: poems, poets, poetry…Ireland, lectures, theater, students, pubs, nature, music…and lecturers by night!

“Life is full of choices, and many years ago I decided to become a vegetarian. That is one of the best choices I’ve ever done.” F. Whitaker, repeated heartly by Tirill…..:-)

…for the growing welfare of the animals.


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